The Heart Of The Keuffel & Esser Company:

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Meet The Founders



William Keuffel & Hermann Esser

K&E Location Images

Keuffel & Esser's First Location in 1867
79 Nassau St. in Lower Manhattan
4th Floor Single Office Space
Rent was $5.50 a month
Image from 100 Year Anniversary Handout

Fun Fact:  Did you know that K&E drafting tools were used in the design of the Brooklyn Bridge?

Image of the Keuffel & Esser Booth
at the 1876 Centennial Exposition

Keuffel & Esser Location 1878
127 Fulton Street
Image from 100 Year Anniversary Handout

Did You Know That The Keuffel & Esser Building
At 127 Fulton Street Is Now A NY Landmark?
Read The Complete Story
About This Building

This is a picture of a Plaque given to William Keuffel & Hermann Esser
For the Opening of the new factory in 1885

Keuffel & Esser New Factory Opened in 1907
This New Factory Was Built Due To The Result Of A Fire In 1905
That Completely  Destroyed The Original Factory

This New Factory Was The Best and Largest Factory In The World
That Produced Engineering & Drafting Instruments & Supplies.
Image from 100 Year Anniversary Handout

Fun Fact: K&E opened their first branch office in Chicago, IL in 1891. 
To follow was the second branch in St. Louis, MO in 1894 and the San Francisco, CA branch in 1900.

Fun Fact: During the construction of the new factory due to fire another disaster struck K&E.
On April 18, 1906 a devastating earthquake struck the San Francisco area and demolished 
over 4.5 square miles including the K&E branch office which was completely destroyed.
With a smile William Keuffel built a bigger and better location!


Keuffel & Esser pocket calendar from 1926


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